Inmersión Latina is a cultural experience. It is your opportunity to closely sense and live the Spanish language.  Come and visit us in Bogotá (Colombia) and have the most enriching experience of your life. We offer an immersion program for Spanish language learners at all skill levels. Our main goal is to help you develop your language abilities while enjoying the benefits of a cultural exchange.


In Inmersión Latina we make sure you can choose from a variety of educational alternatives according to your personal interests, needs and goals. We invite you to explore our website, learn about us and decide how you want to live your immersion.




Inmersión Latina was born from the desire of sharing our passion for Spanish language and Hispanic culture with more people all over the world. Our immersion program is the result of a perfect combination between a language course and a cultural exchange. We want you to get immersed in our culture and learn from the daily life of our people. Our goal is for you to experience the language in real contexts and learn from authentic interaction. When you understand the culture, you understand the language.


Our program offers a Spanish course  in which you can work on improving your language skills and also socialize with other students. Additionally, if you really want to take advantage of this immersion program, you have the option to enroll in extra activities, such as dance lessons, yoga, cooking, etc., or you can also join us in our touristic visits to the most traditional landmarks in the city.


Allow us to guide you through the process of choosing the most suitable immersion for you. We want you to feel comfortable, safe and supported. Let us answer all your question and give you all the necessary guidance.


We suggest to follow the next steps to create the most suitable program for you:


Select the type of program you want. Have in mind your available time and your expectations towards the program


Do you want to take advantage of our extras? We strongly recommend to participate in some extra activities for more opportunities to build up your communication skills


Do you want to book a touristic visit in advance? Exploring the city is a good way to understand our culture and interact with people


Do you need help with accommodation? We want you to have a comfortable experience. Let us help you find a place where to stay


Fill out the application


Spanish on the Way

Spanish on the way

Tourism and Spanish

This program is for participants looking to deepen into the language and exploring a new travel destination.

Let’s explore the city together, meet knew people, and visit amazing places in the capital of Colombia. (A basic level of proficiency in the language is required).

Recommended for people traveling no longer than two weeks.

The immersion

Spanish courses

This program is recommended for students eager to experience the language and explore the culture.

You’ll be able to sense the school atmosphere while socializing and learning from interaction and experiences.

Contact us and let us know what are your immersion plans and we will  help you find the most suitable option for you.

The Immersion

Extra Immersion

Extra immersion

More opportunities to immerse

Looking to get busy and learn more?

Participate in any of our extra activities and discover different ways develop your communication skills and strengthen your confidence to interact is Spanish.




Check out El Dorado web page to learn about one of your options.

You don’t have to worry about finding a place to stay during your immersion. We can help you find affordable and comfortable options that will allow you to continue experiencing a cultural exchange, meeting and interacting with local people as well as visitors.

If your goal is to really relax and enjoy your immersion, we can ease your experience providing you with daily meals and laundry service.

Transfer Service

We offer transfer service from and to the Bogotá airport. A member of our team will personally take care of your arrival. The price for one way is $20 (USD).


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